Friday, June 10, 2011

Playschool Graduation

I attended my 8th Playschool Graduation, which leaves me with two more to go.  10 years of being the duty parent, making snacks, and taking home hundreds of tissue paper and wet glitter glue creations and I have loved every minute of it.

This year we made it to the right class so we were one step ahead of last year. Our only setback was when Carson decided to put a gob of brown glitter makeup on his face then rub it off on his shirt so we did a quick change with left mom with no time to do hair or makeup or change clothes.

The kids sang "The Love Bug"  You had to find someone to hug.
Love that at this age whether they are in the middle of a hockey game or on stage they are looking for you and wave!  As they get older they say, "Don't take my picture, Don't cheer for me, Don't come watch me it's embarrassing."  But deep down I know they still want us to come watch them.  

Carson's fabulous teacher that looks like a million bucks!  He really loves her and is going to miss her and the other teachers next year.  One teacher spends a ton of time making a DVD to music of pictures throughout the year and when Carson watched it he looked so sad and said, "Mom my heart is telling me it wants to go back to Play School."
We always are excited and nervous to see what the kids have told their teachers for their "Special Books"  The teachers ask them questions about their family, Santa, the Easter Bunny and record whatever the kids tell them.  The best was Kelsey's book from when he was 3.  Things I like to do with Mom- Bake, Dad- Go to the Hot tub store.  Brothers and Sisters.  Olivia is mean to me. Levi too.  Carson is just a baby but he'll be mean to me when he grows up.  I'm never mean.  I do nothing with them.

Olivia got herself ready so she looked BEautiful!

Time for a sister picture


One of us didn't brush our hair and the other has icing sugar on their mouth from a Timbit.  Can you tell which is which?
Levi was watching ball and had to work at Subway so he missed the family pics.  Dad was in Waskesiu golfing.
The line up.
This was about an hour before Dad got home.  We were all hungry and tired after Dad was away for five days. For supper the kids had saltine crackers and sausage and I had crackers and cold meatloaf.   I let Ellie get herself dressed after the tub.  

Backwards, too big and mismatched. 
Is it Mr. T with, "I pity the fool." Or Randy Savage's replacement for the WWE?

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