Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Track Stars

It was great to have the chance to volunteer to help out at Kels' Playday.  Since I volunteered to go with Olivia on her field trip it seemed only fair to do something with Kelsey and try as I may Levi won't let me volunteer to chaperone anything especially his High School Dances.  He just knows I have sick moves on the dance floor and would outdance him.  

Here comes Kels for the long jump.  
My favorite!

 The little ones love coming to the school.  They have so many older buddies and even a few moms they know that will push them on the swings!
 Score one point for Mom for being on time, remembering hats and sunscreen but take off a point for not feeding anyone breakfast so pouring Fruit Loops in the stroller and calling it Breakfast.
 Mozy on up to the trough it's feeding time.
 Ball throw.  Two local celebrities from the SC Indians cam to play with the kids.  They were all pumped to have them there!
 How far do you want me to throw it Mom?  To the gravel I told him.
 Is your arm supposed to bend that way?
 I was torn between watching Kelsey and the man in the background painting the apartment.  Please be careful painting stranger.
 We aren't allowed to sign skin.  That was what they told Kelsey when he asked for an "arm autograph"
 Someone in stripes wants to be big like his brother.
Carson is his little shadow.

 Freezie Break.
 Didn't expect Big Red to join the race but he is doing pretty good for kids 3 years older than him.

 Tied for first.
 A visit with Sissy at recess.
Olivia had her Playday the next day which we did go and check out.  She takes after her mom on High Jump.  That was my best event and even went to Provincials! Just a minute while I relive my glory days with big bangs and spandex.
 Ooohhs and awwws from the croud.
Again it is so nice to see the athletes giving back to the community.  The kids had a great time and I think so did the Adults.  Thanks to the SC Indians for running the skills camp for Minor Ball!

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