Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Walk the Plank!

Our family loves Salmon.  Usually we buy the BC Salmon sauce from the grocery store or make a version of it using brown sugar, dijon mustard and soya sauce.  We haven't really tried it any other way because we like it so much, it's like candy.  

Our friends invited us out to their house for a barbecue and suggested a new way of cooking the salmon that was great!  We bought the Salmon at the CO-OP where they were giving away the Cedar Plank with the purchase of the fish.  But we weren't sure what to do with it.  But now we know thanks to our friends.

You soak the piece of Cedar in some kind of Tupperware tub or something big enough to submerge it.  You want it to be completely saturated so you can leave it for a few hours. 

You cover the wet plank with coarse salt.
Put the salted plank on a hot barbecue.  

While the plank is drying out rub olive oil on the salmon, diced onions, salt and pepper to your taste.  When the cedar plank is steaming place the fish on the plank and cook.  Cut up lemons and place them on the salmon to cook.  

 You can squeeze the lemons onto the fish.
 The flavour of the fish really comes through.  It was delicious!

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