Monday, May 2, 2011

This Ordinary Day

My Grandma Bea was a wonderful and wise woman.  One of her favourite sayings was, "Thank God for this ordinary day."  When I was younger I wasn't sure what exactly she meant but being a parent makes the message a lot more clear.  If I could go back to my childhood what day would I pick?  Well any day really.  Just a plain ordinary day.  To spend a day with my Dad and my Grandparents it wouldn't really matter.  Any day would be special.  I have wanted to photograph a "Day in the Life" for a long time and just don't ever get around to it so I am glad for this CBC project.

A moody teenager who doesn't want to be taped, a visit to Grandma's house, cross Saskatchewan road trip including peeing on the side of the road, A Dad who makes lunch, supper, popcorn, mops the floor, a birthday party, a visit to the E.R.  If you have 9 minutes you can watch the "Circus House Reality Show"!  There are lots of interesting videos and if you have some time to pop by and vote they may use some of our footage in the end documentary.  There aren't many Saskatchewan entries yet so it would be nice to see Saskatchewan represented.

One Day Project

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