Saturday, May 21, 2011


It's not often I get to spend one on one quality time so when the chance to chaperone Olivia's class trip came up I was sure to sign up. 

We were up early enough to enjoy some coffee and breakfast. 

 Olivia got me in the middle of talking!  Big surprise. 
 On the bus.  Movies and books but not electronics so I packed up my phone. 
 Not the busses I remember taking field trips on. 
 The Saskatchewan Science Centre. 
 Even the way they acknowledge and thank their sponsors is fun!
 I thought the salamander looked like a Dill Pickle. 
 Everything is just so fun!  This is the entrance to the critter cave. 
The bubble exhibit.  
 My favourite exhibit.  They had a mini washing machine with a number of socks.  You had to close your eyes and reach in and try to find two matching socks. 

 I know the percentage with Snappy Socks 100% you will get matching ones!!
 Who knew socks could be math. 
 There was an exhibit on mine safety.  I told Olivia she would have to pretend to be Uncle Ryan and we would dress her up in Mine Safety gear. 
 That's better!
 There were so many things to see and do we didn't have enough time. 
 My group's faces.  Can you find Olivia?
 You could lift yourself because it was like the gravity on Mars and you were much lighter.  Still not light enough for my wimpy arms.  I don't know what planet I need to move to.
 I did it!
Neat art. 
 This projection would follow you. 
 A little bit like Beyonce in the fan. 
 SGI donated these goggles that made you feel drunk.  And look like Bubbles. 
 Crazy lady. 
 A whole room of hockey science.
 The static ball demo.  a
 The uniforms were "Dog River"
 The playground outside. 
 Off to the Imax theatre.  I am going to need some coffee to stay awake. 
 Outside for adventure games. 
 The 3D movie was fantastic. 
 Back on the bus to head for home. 
 I also got to be the mom helper on Friday for Carson for the last time before he starts Kindergarden.  Here he is at Friday morning coffee in the park.  Given his history at the E.R.  I shouldn't let him go up a tree. 
 It is so good to spend time with the kids.  With the teachers strike coming up I will get even more time with them. 
All the kids love for mom to chaperone except Levi.  He has threatened me if I ever show up at a school dance so enjoy being the mom helper while your kids are little!

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