Friday, May 20, 2011

Can ya help a mama out?

Driving home today I saw a fella on the boulevard by the highway.  He held a sign that said,  "Travelling in Need of Supplies"  It made me think.  What if we all just said out loud what we need?  Just took a marker and an old beer box and stood on the road with a sign.  I thought I would give it a try.

My kitchen is a disaster but no one is going to see the sign in my house.  Better take my plight to the streets.
 If I had a bigger piece of cardboard I could have said and a facial, stylist, aesthetician, personal assistant, chauffeur, nutritionist, and a few more things.  
 This might take longer than I had planned.  That guy on the boulevard has more patience than me.
 Doesn't seem to be working.  I guess I better go inside and start cleaning.
So what would your sign say if you could let the world know what you could use a hand with?  One thing about people with cardboard signs they aren't afraid to take some help even from a complete stranger.  Do you take the help that is offered to you?  Do you know when to ask for help if you need it?  Maybe more Moms need to learn how.

Have a great long weekend!  I will be cleaning.


Corla Rokochy said...

Mission accomplished. My neighbour brought me a glass of wine! Thanks!

Vic & The Wearmouths said...

OMG Corla, you are too funny! And, what a great neighbour you have! lol! Hope you didn't spend too much time cleaning, cause the little rotters seem to mess it up, God love them! lol!