Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hooray for Volunteers

Patrick and I were both raised in a small town Saskatchewan.  From our parents we have learned that the strength of Saskatchewan communities are their volunteers.  When I stated dating Patrick he lived in LeRoy Sk.  I would drive the two hours to have a date with him.  LeRoy is a community of amazing people and one thing they know how to do is volunteer.  The park, the church, to coach sports or run a lottery each event I went to I was greeted by so many fantastic people.  At first I thought LeRoy must have a big population but eventually realized that it only seemed that way because everyone in the community would come out to support whatever was going on in town.

Pat's mom's group Breast Friends Cookbooks is one of the great Saskatchewan volunteer stories. 10 Grandmas with jobs and lives have volunteered their time and talent to raise over 1 million dollars for Cancer.  That is the power of the Saskatchewan volunteer.  What you do for your community doesn't have to make front page news to make a difference.  Every hour you spend volunteering means that your rink will run another year or your child can play on a team.  You may never know what the time your volunteer could mean to someone.

This weekend I was in Davidson where the local theatre group and Kinsmen put on a musical production.  With a cast, crew and band of over 50 volunteers I was proud to be from Davidson where there is so much heart and talent.  The Davidson rink runs thanks to volunteers, parades, fairs, minor ball days, the golf course, school board, town council.  These are all things my Dad, Mom, and brother have volunteered for and know Davidson is a stronger community for it.  

Every time Pat and I settled into a new community we have tried to volunteer.  It is a great way to get to know people and to give back.  To all those of you who take the time to volunteer Thank You!!
His face says it all!  He had a blast.  

 Selecting the teams.

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