Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Fun Speaking Engagement

It has been a busy week to say the least.  Patrick was gone for five days enjoying time with his friends in Waskesiu golfing.  My mom came to the rescue and co-parented with me and was my date to the many social outings that happened to all land on the same five days! 

First up was the Women Without Borders.  A social marketing conference and chance for women of Southwest Saskatchewan to come together to network and learn about how to enhance your online presence.  

With the teachers strike on and the kids being out of school for four of the five days Pat was gone it was necessary to find ways to keep them busy.  Olivia and I stayed up until Midnight making a business card version of Snappy Socks.  Child Labour Laws?

 JoAnne from Wide Mouth Media said she was going to look into having them made for me at a printing place.  What fun with that be?  I guess if I need more than 100 that will be the way to go.
 I thought they worked great for a conference about staying "connected"!
 As luck would have it I was set to speak at 2pm and my samples arrived that morning!  I was so excited to finally see them that I had to share with someone.  It seemed fitting to go to Copies Xpress as they have been working with me for over a year on everything from designs to tags.  Matt and Staci are an amazing pair and I am so grateful for all of their hard work and creativity!
 It's just like Christmas!
 I told them we had been waiting so long it felt like giving birth to another baby!  So they cradled our newest additions ever so gently.
 But then we need the model "Smize" shot!
 Too fun!
 Off to the conference and I was so honoured to such important women there to support me!  My mom Vanna drove from Davidson, my daughter who was not intersted in having her brother babysit her sat quietly at the table with no DS or Ipod and listed for 8 hours!  And making what I am sure was a giggle filled but extremely long drive from Foam Lake was my mother in law and four other fabulous ladies from Breast Friends cookbooks.  A nine hour drive in one day to come to a conference!  I feel pretty lucky to have such a great group of ladies that inspire me.
 First up.  Olivia was in charge of photography.
 There were a few boys at the conference. Ryan Switzer from Snowstreaker and his buddy Colin Powers from the radio station.   I think this is the look they had on their face after I talked about sneezing and peeing my pants.  After I sat down I said to my mom, "Did I really just tell 120 people that I peed my pants?"  I guess next time I will take some notes up with me!

Next up the Dean of University of Regina School of Business.  Anne Lavack.  Such an impressive lady.
 Gail from Gail Force Writing.  Very talented at many things including Twitter.

I received a gift of Cherry wine from the Cypress Hills Winery for speaking.  If only more of the jobs I did on a daily basis paid me in wine!  Clean the toilet..... A nice Merlot....  Finish the laundry...  Cab Sav...
 Alicia Whalen from A Couple of Chicks was the Key note speaker.  She is one smart chick and extremely funny!

Our MC was the Jade Gritzfeld.  She did a fantastic job.  
This was day one of Pat's trip.  Stay tuned for the Premier's Dinner that was the next night!

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