Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

A sure sign of spring I saw my first gopher on Battleford Trail (he had met with an untimely demise).  The creek is rising and the city is sandbagging.  We all have our fingers crossed for our friends near the water.  

We are looking forward to Easter and our annual "Easter Feaster" later this month.  We will be breaking tradition by not baptizing someone this year as we have done at Easter every 2 years for the past 10!  Here is an oldie but goodie from Kelsey's baptism.
 Here is Ellie loving the rubber boots and the water!

 Waiting for Mommy at the sitters.
 Back home they play a little ball.  Ellie is stuck in the snow, "Helpppp Mommy!"
 There that's better and Kelsey's helmet.

What's that Olivia you are too cool for a picture well let's see if I can find one in the "Way Back Spring File"
So Ellie isn't the only artist in the family.  Here is Olivia from our old house.  
Kelsey is quite amused.  
Time to go in for supper.  

Pat made the coolest things.  He took wraps and filled them with left over taco meat and cheese then wrapped them up and put them in a cake pan and brushed them with a bit of oil and baked them in the oven.  The kids loved them!!

 Good to the last bite.

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