Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Feaster Part 5 Snow Bunny

This weekend we held our fifth annual Easter Feaster.  As always we had a great time even with a snow storm the kids insisted that we do the Egg Hunt outside and the Easter Bunny was more than happy to make the kids wish come true.

After running out of food two years ago and having to order pizza this year we went overboard with too much ham, potatoes and a hugemungeous turkey that my awesome friend Sam brought over.  Food Fun and Friendship that's what makes our world go round.  

Here are my gals helping make the hash brown casserole.  I told Olivia it was like one of our favourite shows Dinner Impossible feeding 55 people.  

 A big bowl of yum!  Ellie loves to stir.

 The mad hatter carving the gigantic turkey and sporting his favourite hockey jersey.
 Levi and his buds helped us hide the eggs.  It only cost me a few chocolate bars.  Good kids.
Waiting for the bunny.   
I hope we can see him in all the snow.  
Oh there he comes!
Everyone line up.  We let them go in age groups starting with the youngest so we make sure everyone gets some.  
Happiness is.....
 Found one.

 Ellie was a bit unsure of our special guest.  Good thing Sam and Carla were there to pick her up when mom was taking pictures.
At least it was better than last year.  
 Sam put her eggs in her hood so she wouldn't lose them!
 HAPPY EASTER eveyone.

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