Thursday, April 14, 2011

Patty Cake

Chef Pat struck again this time preparing the snack for Carson's playschool.  My part is to be the helper mom and Pat does the job of snacks and drinks.  He always over thinks the snack.  I learned early on after watching my homemade black bottom cupcakes be tossed in the trash by fussy three and four year olds that you should not put that much time, effort and money into school snack.  Save that for adults.  You can never guess what they will want, maybe it will be graham crackers or cheese and meat who is to know!  My sure fire go to is a box of Timbits.  After 8 years as helper mom I have earned the right to get my school snack at a drive thru.

Pat on the other hand rises to the challenge.  This time not only making a home made brownie cupcake smartie surprise letting the two kids help him.  

Dad just gave her a bath and then did his famous facelift ponytail and now she is eating chocolate!  What a great Daddy!
 Greasing up the mini muffin pan.

 In goes the batter.  I know I have one amazing husband.  You would think this story would have a happy ending but alas all the cupcakes stuck in the pan and although they tasted delicious they didn't come out of the pan so Super Dad ending up having to buy cookies from Schimels Bakery in the morning before work.  (Peanut free of course!)
So the moral of the story?  Just buy Timbits?  Nope, I think the kids enjoyed the time with their Dad and I certainly appreciate the fact that even though he can't come to playschool that he wants to be supportive and involved.  

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