Thursday, April 21, 2011

I've been framed! A photo lesson.

Finally a break from the snow so the kids, dog and I took a walk to the park. 

On the way there Ellie poked her head back at me through the stroller and the sunshade made a frame for her face.  This gave me an idea for a new photo tip/ assignment. You don't have to go on a photo safari to try this just try these tips in your everyday pictures.  We will keep in mind the tips from the last time of composing off centre.   

This tip is called Framing your shot.  Framing is a way of drawing the viewer into the main subject of the image.  Framing can help set a scene or tell a story or give an image a mood.  
 This shot isn't framing just darn cute and cropped just off center.  The background is out of focus so it brings your attention to his face.  
 The monkey in a frame.  
 Try moving around to shoot through something to give your image depth.  A foreground, midground and background.  The red playground is our foreground, the girls are the midground, the trees are the background.  The subject should be what is in focus so you may have to try manual focus as a camera may want to focus on the closest object.  
 Try a new angle.  The slide frames Carson and notice how the color hamony of the blue makes him stand out.  He is also off center to the right.  Since we read left to right our eye naturally likes to wander into the picture from the left and search for a subject on the right.  
 I think this image shows a mood of an abandoned baby. The empty swings and the space around her.  "Hey put down the camera and come push me!"
 A fun angle not much for a frame.  

Off centre with a smile!
 Boys behind bars.  

Color harmony.

Would you like to try?  Send me your best shot  It's our little Easter Break project.  

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