Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Cooking

Most families have spring cleaning, we have spring cooking.  I think we may finally be done with the snow but it sure took long enough.  This picture is from last week and Pat was so ready to get out an barbecue.  It may have been snowing and he may have had to straddle dog poo in his moccasins but he was determined to cook over and open flame.  

He decided to make home made sliders out of a half pork half beef Triple D concoction so I thought that kind of burger deserved a homemade bun.
I planned on having tiny buns but ran to pick up Carson from playschool and then ran to Tims to bring Pat a mid day coffee and the longer I was gone the more my buns rose.  So the moral of the story is that I blame my big buns on kids, my husband and Tim Hortons.  (True in more ways than one.)
I like how the buns turned out but I am wondering how I get the cinnamon buns that are gooey all over......Any tips from experts? I had some amazing ones from Sereda Pharmacy in Lanigan.  Between that, the coffee and the King Pizza I was in heaven.

This weekend we were excited to spend not only Easter but Ukrainian Easter with our family.  We had the unique opportunity to go to church with Baba to have our Eater basket blessed.   I asked Baba this weekend to show me how to make the paska.  She said she would love too.  I can't wait!

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