Friday, April 8, 2011

I got the Music in me!

***Disclaimer: After a blog post about how to take better pictures let me warn you these aren't perfect.  But in photography like in life sometimes you go for a five course, cloth napkin, fancy dinner and somtimes you go through the drivethru for burgers and fries.  These pictures are burgers and fries even some taken with my phone.******

Music festival is in full swing and Olivia competed in violin last week and in recorder group and solo this week at her school.  Kelsey also participated with his class and as a part of the recorder club.  I am so proud of both of them and it is days like yesterday when I am able to go to the school and enjoy their performances that I realize just how lucky I am to be my own boss.

Here are some of their Certificate of Honor 85%!  Very Proud of all their hard work and so glad to have Celia Hammerton as their music teacher.

So "that guy" dropped by for a visit again from out of town.  And this time he brought his guitar to share some tunes with the kids.  Last time I put "that guy" on my blog he said he didn't want to be on the blog but I know deep down he loves it.  Anyone who goes to a party in Winnipeg at Grey Cup as an audience member and talks their way onto the stage to somehow become the mc of the event introducing the bands and get the crowd reved up is not shy.

The one man band living room performance.  The kids loved it!

He has their full attention.  You will notice in the background a bit of my decorating scheme.  A Roughrider banner that has been hanging there for close to a year and if you look really closely you can see pancake batter on the screen just that has been there since Levi babysat one night.
Levi although entertained and impressed by the concert not amused by my constant picture taking.  I almost photoshopped out the marks on the wall behind him but decided just to leave them in.  The kids have banged up the wall and actually made a huge hole behind the chair playing diving board off the recliner.
Olivia joins the concert with her violin.  Makes me remember what Nathalie Mcmaster talked about in her concert last year that growing up there was always music at house parties.  It wasn't until she was an adult that she realized that some people got together and didn't play music.  I am hoping our house will always be filled with music.
Thanks to "that guy" for dropping by and being entertaining as always.  Happy Belated birthday and good luck in your gig in North Battleford!

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wow if that was a phone camera, you CERTAINLY know how to use it!