Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My mom ,Vanna, and I embarked on an adventure to the beautiful city of Vancouver thanks to my business partrner Brett Wilson for hooking us up with The Power of Women Conference tickets.  It was such an amazing chance for us to get away together. 

The balcony of our hotel. 

The view of the city. 
I guess no matter how old your child is you are still always parenting.  My mom literary would not let me go out there. 
And yes I did listen to her.  I kept one foot in the room. 
I told my Mom, "Do not turn around."  She is afraid of birds and one was living in the window behind her. 
The hotel staff sent us down the street to Vancouver's best Greek restaurant where there was usually a line up but we were eating lunch at 3.  The food was great and reasonable to say the least.  We do get our share of amazing Greek in Swift Current so it was kind of odd for us to go to another Greek restaurant.  Felt a little like I was cheating. 
Vegtable lasagna. 
The name of the restaurant was Stepho's. 
We strolled down the street and came to this interesting group of statues! 
Vanna and I did some laughter therapy. 
He was so Happy about Snappy Socks! 

An interesting place for a tree. 
We were brave and got wet. 
The bravery ended in a showdown between Vanna and a bird.  The bird won. 
I felt like this was the first time I really breathed in the last month.  I could have stayed there all day. 
Serenity Now!

These beautiful flowers were just growing outside an appartment!
My wild and crazy travelling companion. 
Our hotel was on Davies Street.  It was one of the most colorful and interesting places I have ever been.  We had so much fun exploring.  We worried about going out after dark and some locals told us, "You are as safe as in your Mother's womb in this neighborhood!"
The line at Stepho's later for supper. 
We went to a fun little pub. 
My mom ironing my dress for the conference!  Thanks Mom!
The hotel was so funky. 
The kids would have had a blast playing guess which elevator is coming. 
Even the lamps had style. 
Next I will share with you all pictures from the Conference!

Have a great Day!

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