Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Kelsey and Goodbye Summer Holidays.

Friday at suppertime, I found myself at the table with four hungry kids eating Taco Time (we had already visited The Modern, Tim Hortons, McDonalds and Subway all in one day.  That's what happens when Dad is golfing and Mom is exhausted).  It was our last day of summer holidays when I was manning the fort alone and my strength was dwindling.  With a giant bite of beef burrito in my mouth and a fistful of mexi fries, I looked at Ellie who was completely naked at the table and the other three kids were fighting.  The kids asked me, "Mom are you laughing or crying?"  Even I wasn't sure.  All I  know was that I was trying my hardest not to spit beef burrito out my nose, there were tears coming out of my eyes and I was also laughing.  Yes the end of Summer Holidays Mental Breakdown.

It had been a lonnnnnng day.  Pat and I had a fantastic time the night before accompanying our neighbors to the Lyric Improv Night where we drank wine and laughed and laughed.  It was worth it but 6:00 came very early as we woke for the traditional birthday breakfast at The Modern Restaurant!  

 Earlier...... (7 am to be exact)  We arrived at the Modern before the doors even opened which gave us time to phone Magic 97 for the birthday of the day.  It's just not the same when Ryan's not at work but we gave K-Rok a shout out over the airwaves just the same.

Here is the eager birthday boy.  Future Innovation Credit Union employee.  All he needs is a briefcase and then he would be Alex P Keaton.  8 years old and following in his Dad's footsteps. 
 What's the hold up people?
 Oh a photo op before going in.  Either they are saying Kelsey is 8 years old or this is the new Swift Current Gang sign. 
 The other three kids picked sleeping over breakfast.  You snooze you loose!
 Carson "reading" the menu like his big brother. 
 Who needs a Happy Meal with a toy or a playland?  We make our own fun!

 Love our waitress! 
 Make a wish. 
 Now normal people send out invitations a week before, make plans, buy cakes and balloons and goddie bags.  Not me.  We called everyone at 10 and said Party at 1 be there!  Then I quickly cleared a path through the house and baked a cake.  I was going to make it from scratch but the chocolate pancake bandit used all the cocoa in the house.  This is a cake from a mix and a super Yummy Brown Sugar icing from the Breast Friends Cookbook. 
 After slip sliding, baseball and jumping on the trampoline (which resulted in one bloody nose) we were ready for the cake. 
 And back outside for more baseball. 
 Olivia made her brother the sweetest birthday card and gave him 8 coupons for him to use that would make her "Go Away".  They were not valid in her room she added. 
 So I thought I was doing pretty good.  I kept it together, organized a birthday party, cleaned the house, and even organized things for my Snappy Sock tradeshow for Monday.  I went to the green space for the last hour of the party to watch the kids play ball.  I was ready to give myself a gold star for parenting when the neighbor girls came over.  I thought they were coming to join the baseball game.  They said to me, "Excuse me Corla, is your dog supposed to be on the roof?" 

WHAT???  We have just moved our bed to under the window after we got our new flooring and I guess Daphne wanted to know what we were doing in the green space.  So she walked out the window and was watching us from the roof. 
 Either that or she was sending me a message.  Don't worry Daph they are going back to school on Monday.  I guess we have to get the screens back on the windows after the renovations! 

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