Thursday, August 11, 2011

Backwards Blog

I love reading other peoples blogs.  If you have a blog and would like to do a backwards blog send me a comment so I can check it out!  A backwards blog is like a mystery revealed one picture at a time! (There are no secret messages revealed by telling this story backwards)

The End!

We were gone for the day on an adventure.  We had to hurry home because Levi was working and needed a ride home.  Doesn't seem fair that we had so much fun while he was at work.  

There is ketchup all over this sleepy girl's face.  
The sun is still out but she is out cold!
A bit of ketchup, recovering fat lip from a bike collision and new road rash on the tummy from landing on some gravel during an extreme football match.  
One tired boy and a sleeping dog.  What could have tired everyone out so much and why don't we do this more often for a more peaceful bedtime.  
A day at the lake with some great friends.  Boating, skiing, hotdogs and hamburgers.  A bit of Saskatchewan heaven.  I recalled a summer visiting my Uncle in Winnipeg and his friend was a championship water-skier.  Watching Olivia is like seeing myself at her age!
A bit too tall for the training skiis but she got up easily and did a great job! But was she the first kid out of the family to get up on the skiis?  A bit of brotherhood rivalry....
Big Red rode the waves and showed us all how it was done.  Kelsey got up the next day but of course I didn't have my camera.  Sorry buddy.  So Carson was it all smooth sailing out there?
All but the last second.  No one told him how to stop!  Dad was video taping with our waterproof camera, Mom was screaming from the dock, Save Him Save Him!  I am great under pressure.  
I could see that smile from a mile away.  He was soooooo proud!
I run up to the cabin for one minute and miss Carson getting up on skiis.  They are yelling from the boat. They did another loop around so I could see his first ever time waterskiing!

Looking forward to a wonderful day at the lake with friends!  

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