Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lynn's French Toast- Live Action Blog

Weekends at our house are family time and our favorite thing to do together is watch TV and eat!  We usually watch a family movie or America's Funniest Videos. But if Patrick has the remote there is no doubt we will be watching a food show.  Friday night was Restaurant makeover with Lynn Crawford the no nonsense, tell it like it is chef.  I could see Pat's eyes light up when she made her brunch recipe for Nutella Banana French Toast.  I knew what would be on the menu for Sunday morning at our house!

On Saturday morning we divided and conquered our lists.  Pat and 2 kids went grocery shopping, he was excited to be brining his chicken for Sunday night supper.  While the other 2 kids and I took Levi to work and then went to a garage sale that was raising money for Haiti.  We bought the clue game the kids are playing at the table and we bought Dad a quesedilla maker, a cheese grater, a juicer and a steamer!  We were very popular.

At least Dad has one helper. 

 The assembly line of bread.  I asked if he really thought it was necessary to put Nutella on both sides of the bread to which he replied, "absolutely!"

 Bananas covering one side. 
 Eggs and chocolate milk.  The kids wanted to see if Dad could crack an egg with one hand.  Yup he can!  Cheers from the table. 
 Now the chocolate milk. 
 I would like to do a hand check on the assistant.  I am not sure what she is scratching but that can't be up to code. 

 Butter in a small pan.  I ask, "Are you really making these one at a time? There are 7 of us!"  To which he replied, "I don't want to rush this!"
 Dip the yummy sandwich in the chocolate egg mixture. 
 And cook.  This seems almost easy enough for me to make.  I would rather take pictures and drink my coffee and Baileys!
 The finishing touch.  Sprinkle of icing sugar. 

 Who gets the first one?  Well it almost caused a fist fight but of course the helper should get the first try! 

 And the verdict?  7 out of 7 Rokochy family members agree this is going on the menu!  It was fantastic.  Thanks Dad for always taking care of us and making us look even more forward to the weekend.  Thanks Lynn Crawford for your easy and delicious French Toast! 

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Carla Chabot Photography said...

Two thumbs up for this recipe! Tried it yesterday and the kids loved it :)