Monday, August 31, 2009

School Daze!

The first day of school at our house. We all get up together and take the kids to school and do the traditional first day picture. This year there were no tears because oddly enough we were the first people at the school! The doors were even still locked. When Levi starts at the comp we will probably have to be there by 5am to avoid embarrassment.

Kelsey is so proud of his watch he got for his birthday and it also proves we were inside by 8:03.
We probably would have been there even earlier but I did my hair for the special occassion....Why do I bother? It still looks a little like I had a rat sleep in it. I really need to learn how to do my hair!

With over half the kid population of our house gone and Ellie asleep I was actually able to spend some time with Carson making cookies! He gets to crack the eggs with the older kids aren't around. Can you guess if he is happy?

This is the waiting for the bus dance. Oh yeah oh yeah.

I don't know maybe he just had to pee.
So excited!!

Hey Kelsey, what time is it?

Time to put your shirt on right side out.

Before you look at these pictures I want you to know these images were not staged or retouched. This is not a re-enactment. This is actually how my almost 13 year old eats cookies. We told him he can't go on a date until he can eat without getting food on himself so I think we will be safe for a few years!

This is Levi's daily planner. He just randomly writes notes on himself.

Hey Levi I am right with you!

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