Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Million Dollar Mom!

I am back from two glorious weeks at the lake. I feel bad for not telling you I was going to be away but you hear all these crazy stories about people putting it online that they are going on holidays and come home to their house being robbed. Lucky for us half the time it would be hard to tell the difference. Well I am back at it and want to let you know I will be blogging daily again so please check back. The first day I don't blog whoever emails me first will get a $10 gift card from Urban Ground (if you are from Swift) or a $10 Tim's Card that I will mail anywhere in Canada or the U.S.A. Also I would like to send out a challenge to my good friend Alison who is now blogging http://www.alisonberk.com/ that whoever misses a day of blogging first has to buy the other one a drink and rub their feet while they drink it.

We had an awesome trip and I have many things to share with you in the upcoming days including, beersbee, mud monster, flower child just to name a few. I think it would only be appropriate however for me to start with the most meaningful and significant part of our two week holiday to the lake.
My mother in law along with nine of her great friends are part of an amazing group called the Breast Friends. They started their group five years ago to help one of their members raise three thousand dollars in the "women on snowmobiles' ride across Saskatchewan to raise money for cancer research. The ten ladies catered a banquet and that was the beginning of these ten ladies amazing journey to raise over $900, 000 through the publishing of three fabulous cookbooks.
Their latest project was a golf tournament in Foam Lake that my mother in law was the chairperson of and emceed the program. Despite the rainy weather we had an amazing time with great food. golfing and fun. My mom and two great ladies from Watrous were on my team and we ever put together a fairly decent score. The highlight of the day was when these spunky moms and grandmas announced to a full house and the CTV news that they were donating $100 000.00 towards the new Children's Hospital for Saskatchewan http://www.chhf.sk.ca/website/index.php Brynn Boback-Lane was there on behalf of the foundation and was an amazing speaker and I was so impressed by her as a mom with such a great passion. It was very emotional for everyone in the room. Such an accomplishment for ten ladies from Foam Lake Saskatchewan to raise nearly one million dollars for the betterment of Saskatchewan citizens. It really made me stop and think what is possible!
The food and decorations are always top notch!
Yvette Moore prints that were donated for the silent auction. These are from her "Little Miracles" Collection which also raise money for Saskatchewan pediatric health care. http://www.yvettemoore.com/

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