Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mud Monster

After a good rain is always a nice time for an adventure. Olivia, Carson and I snuck away from the cabin to take some fun pictures. The real problem is once you do this one time the kids think they should play in the mud all the time. Some people thought I was a little crazy but in the end we had a lot of fun and I got the shot I wanted.

Alison took my challenge so we will blog every day (mon-fri). Fell free to sign up as a follower or just scroll down and sign my guest book. I love to look at my stats and see where people are from that are reading the blog. Like on the old show "Romper Room" Hello to you in Saint Walburg, North Carolina, California, Llyodminster! There never said my name on that show!

Rolling in the mud on the road.

Turned into a mud fight!

He was so dainty about putting on the mud.

Such an actress

Time to jump in the lake.

I wasn't sure exactly what the shot would turn out to be but this is the one I love and will probably enter in competition!

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Catherine said...

Oh my stars - you are the most easy going mom I have ever seen! I would have a conniption if Kurtis put one dirty finger on anything - I am thinking your kids are having more fun growing up than mine! Ha ha! Great photos - as always.