Thursday, February 24, 2011

What would happen?

If the school shut down for a week and the kids didn't have any activities and it was too cold to go outside for 10 days what would happen?

Kids will fight, scream. punch, kick, whine. talk about how bored they are and make life very miserable.  Leading mom to run away from home for a large Carmel Machiatto 1% no whip followed later by glasses of wine at splurge group.  (Minute to Win it... so much fun and so many moms wearing lulu lemon!)

What would happen if this guy shows up for supper?
You better know the heimlich maneuver because the kids will spend more time laughing than eating.  

Except Pat he is completely imune to it from working with him for years. 

What would happen if you plan on doing a day or two or work and then going to you mom's house for a visit and the five year old has a temperature of 104.4 and the baby barfs in her crib?  You don't take the kids to the sitter rather to the doctors which means you have to scramble to do your work and you cancel your trip to your mommy's.
(This is Carson sleeping at the table waiting for KD after the doctor's office.  We love the banana medicine!)

What would happen if the kids rally to still go on the trip and promise to clean the house and pack all the bags and skates while you run to the office and finish the things you need to get done?  

The 14 year old will play video games in the front room instead of picking up the play doh and doing the dishes and will pack his bag of clothes and then not bring them.  The five year old who may have been delusion with fever packed his own clothes which consisted of four back packs containing a total of 35 shirts and one pair of socks. No pants, gotch or pjs.  If nothing else he is thorough.  35 shirts for a 2 day trip.  The seven year old would pack the skates and sticks for the rink and would pack one of his Dad's skates which doesn't make Dad happy as he has two hockey games.  Guess he will be skating in circles.  

Here's the real question what would happen if I got a Nanny?  I would like to know the answer to that one.  

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