Monday, February 14, 2011

The things I love

Today is a day that makes me think of construction paper, glue, doilies, flowers, hugs, kisses and chocolate.  Valentines Day is all about LOVE.  I need to think more often about all the things I love that I am Thankful for.

The thing I love that goes without saying:

Family that are like friends and friends that are like family.
Pat and the kids.  

Things I have always loved:

A bubble bath.
Hugs, Kisses.
The smell of a new baby.  
Sleeping in. 
Phoning my mommy.  
Talking and being with people.
I have a whole list of foods that if they are on the menu that is what I will order, feta cheese, spinach, chicken, sundried tomatoes, tzaiki, hummus.  I think I should have been born in another country like Turkey or Greece.  
Waking up and realizing you still have hours until the alarm clock goes off.  
Watching my kids sleep.  
Love notes and compliments even if it is my five year old trying to get out of trouble.  
Finding money in the laundry.  Finding money in a jacket your haven't worn in a long time.  

Things I loved as a kid. 

Laying in the sand at Etters Beach, closing my eyes and feeling the sun on my face.  
Donut holes. (They weren't called Timbits then)
Pulling my Dad's finger.
Going the whole summer without wearing gotch just a bathing suit 24 hours a day.  
Renting a VHS player that popped open on the top and the remote had a big long cord and renting 10 movies for the weekend.  
Shopping and everything I tried on fit.  
Video Dance parties at school.  
Breaking ice on the street in spring, popping bubble wrap.  

Things that I love that I never thought I would.

Red wine.  
The way your stomach feels after delivering a baby.  It is like a half full waterbed all squishy.  
Wearing sweats.  
The mom bun. 
John Gormley.  
A guy who plays Old timer Hockey!  Love you not the smell of your hockey hands.  

The love hate relationship. Things that are the glass half full and half empty all at the same time.

Eating- Being Fat.
Squeezing a zit- having a zit.
Unpacking tiny baby clothes when you are expecting- packing them back up when the baby has outgrown them.
Kids growing up- kids growing up.
Cell phones-cell phones. 

What about you?????  What are the things you love.  John Gormley interviewed an interesting fellow that has a website about fun little awesome things. It's called 1000 Awesome things.  If you are needing something to feel happy about check it out.    He also wrote a book called The Book of awesome.  It is at Coles and Walmart here in Swift.

I had everyone wear something red today but Carson put his own flare to his Valentines outfit.  
Here are my two little sweeties last Valentine's Day.  They just keep getting bigger!
 Just when I thought I had experienced everything you could wreck with markers, glue and liquid paper Ellie smeared it all over herself and two of her brothers and that stuff doesn't come off!

 Now we are so Happy we do the "Dance of Joy!"

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