Friday, April 23, 2010

I Like Girls!

Why do we call them Girlfriends? Even though I am a fully grown (possibly overgrown) woman I don't have lady friends or women friends I have Girlfriends. And do you know why? Because so much of the time I am forced to act like an adult. I have to pay bills and worry about money, I have to feed not only myself but when Pat isn't around I am forced to feed my children, clean their rooms, drive them places, and be responsible and grown up. Once and a while I just want to run away from home and be a kid again. That is why you have "GIRLFRIENDS". We act silly, whisper, talk about boys, trade clothes, have sleepovers and pillow fights and it is so fantastic! I have a great group of girls in my life that I am proud to call my girlfriends.

This was one of our early splurge get togethers and three of us are pregnant! Look how happy we all are.
Last night, I met with my monthly splurge group. We have been going out once a month for a GNO (girl's night out) for the past 27 months. I know how long it has been because the first meeting I had just found out I was pregnant with Ellie and had to lie why I wasn't having a drink so I will never forget our first get together. To be honest I won't forget any of them. If you are not in a Splurge group start one today. Get together 12 girls you know of just put a message on a bulletin board where other moms are around like the pool, or playschool. You never know what great friends you might make.
I am guaranteed a free pass from supper, clean up, tubs, homework and bedtime at least once a month for Splurge night. You don't mess with the Splurge. I always look forward to spending time with my girls and my husband always wins in the end because I come home a happier and more content person and sometimes a little tipsy which always works in his favor. It is win-win girls I am telling you.
Last nights outing was to a local theater production Swift Current Little Theater. I was involved in a production with Little Theater five years ago and was in a play called "All this and Moonlight" with three of the actors from last night's play. I made some great friends during the production and one of my "girlfriends", Wendy Lockman Kane actually wrote the play they performed last night, "The Day Rhubarb Fell From the Sky!" I am so proud of Wendy. She is a busy mom with a job, a business, a husband and a baby and she found the time to write and star in a full length play! What an inspiration. I just love creative girls and I was so glad to be there to support my girlfriend!
Another great group of girlfriends I have are my photography gals. I have been attending the SPPA and PPOC functions for the past 13 years and when I first started going I was one of the few girls attending and as the years past the ladies started to take over winning awards, being on the executive and keeping the guys on their toes and laughing a lot too! Here we are in Winnipeg at the National convention dressed up like 1940s housewives. Alison from Imagin Photography is one of my best girlfriends, we talk on the phone almost every day. Since I own my own business and don't have staff I need the support of these girls to bounce ideas off of, celebrate and vent with. My friend Carina dropped everything to come and shoot a wedding in Moose Jaw with me when I was pregnant with Ellie and they told me I had a tumor and Ellie wasn't going to make it. I don't know how I would have made it through that day without her as Pat had to drive me to Moose Jaw and drive me home and the whole ride there and back I was crying my eyes out. Then I had to jump out of the car and be the cheerful photographer so thank goodness for girlfriends!
During that same wedding, my friend Kari was watching the other four kids as I needed Pat to come with me. When the Doctor phoned me earlier that week with the news Pat was in Rosetown in a meeting and with both of our families 2-4 hours away I felt very alone, sad and scared and Kari was on my doorstep in two minutes. It meant the world to me. I wasn't fortunate enough in my life to have sisters (nothing against my brothers they are great guys) but I think I know what it must be like when I have such great girlfriends as many of the ladies in my life have come to rescue me. Like Janice who showed up when I was trying to breastfeed a one week old baby while my husband was playing senior hockey and the 2 and four year old were wrestling on top on the kitchen table naked. Or Sam who is going to do Olivia's hair and makeup for the dance competition this weekend because I am away working and Pat feels less than confident about applying liquid eyeliner and fake eyelashes to our 8 year old. Every one of my girlfriends have been there for me and the saying is that it takes a village to raise a child well they are definitely my village because I think most days I am the village idiot!
Here Kari and I are enjoying the sunshine in the park over a cup of coffee and some girl talk.

The kids are entertaining themselves!
We don't even feel guilty for sitting around when a nice lady who is probably the age of both of us put together came powerwaling by and did tricep dips on the park bench behind us. Maybe Kari and I will be powerwalking in Arizona one day when we are 70. Probably more like reading Cosmo.

I even dressed up s Kari for Halloween this year at our Halloween Splurge!

Before this gets any more "Single White Female" I like Men too and this video was posted on the Dragon's Den facebook page today. Brett Wilson from Dragon's Den is featured. I thought it was a cute video. I love the guy in the yellow muscle shirt!


Unknown said...

Oh Corla! That just made my whole day! Makes me thankful to have those special girls in my life! Perfect video too! Especially for someone falling in love all over again.....luv ya xoxoxo

Morgan said...

I love the geeky cutie with the eyebrows! ;)