Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cyber Money

I just created an online store using a business called cafe press. It is an interesting business idea where you can design and then sell products. They take care of the printing, shipping and collecting money and send you a check for your portion of the sales. I am wondering if anyone out there has tried this service and what you think? There are so many new things on the internet like etsy that it is hard to keep up but it wouldn't hurt to have a little extra cash in my wallet. My google ads that I put on this site so far have earned me $192.00. When the amount got to $100 Google sent me a check which I believe was last summer. So I am $8 away from getting another check! Wow I am making almost $1 per post. At this rate I will be a millionaire by the time....well I'm not good at math but I know it will be a long time so a special thanks to Kimbi who I know checks out the ads on my blog.

For anyone intersted I am willing to review products related to kids, toddlers, moms or babies. I can photograph and write a review and if they make it in the "Circus House" they can make it anywhere. I currently have a microwave that hasn't worked for nearly a year and we go through a toaster and popcorn maker every six months. I will also review the following products: red wine, chocolate, carmel machiatos, mom panties that hide camel toes, with my upcoming tv debut maybe I should check into teeth whitening, a hair cut (haven't had one of those since November), liposuction, botox, fake nails, fake boobs, new clothes..... the list goes on and on. Send all inquiries for product testing to

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