Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fashion TIps for Stressed Out Moms

Question of the Day
Do you let your children pick their own clothes? ( Do you only let them pick their clothes if they are not leaving the house? Are you a laid back parent that doesn't mind mismatched socks and a kid wearing their little brother's pants because they are in too big a hurry to go play? Or are you the organized parent that lays out co-ordinating outfits on the bed the night before?) There is no right or wrong answer just share your story in the comment section.

My answer is the kids definitely pick out their own clothes at our house. Kelsey is six and is the most careless about getting dressed. He will throw on his four year old brother's pants and shirt and comes downstairs looking like the hulk with long arms and legs sticking out of too short clothes. I also always forget when it is picture day at school so my children will have a lifetime of class pictures to remind them that I let them pick out their own clothes for school.

Tip of the Day
I think once upon a time before I had children that I had time to shop, money to shop and the body that made it fun to go shopping. Since I have had children the whole sum of my fashion sense adds up to trying to cover myself in a way that makes me look thinner and won't embarrass my children. I try to make sure that my clothes are clean and free of mashed up banana, dryer sheets stuck to the back of my sweater and I don't worry about the latest trends in footwear rather that I can find two that match.
I would like to pass on this tip for all you Moms who especially this week with the kids off of school if you don't have time to shower and the laundry is piling up and you need to run to the store. You should always have a set of old clothes handy that are covered in paint. That way you can throw them on and put a hat on your uncombed hair and no matter what errands you have to run, the general public will not judge you for being an unshowered mess but rather they will think what an ambitious lady painting and doing home renos with all the kids off school! Good for her!
Photo of the Day
Here is a bold fashion statement from last week's Ford World Women's Curling that was held in Swift Current last week. The team from Norway was a crowd favorite with their fun personalities and their unique and flashy pants. Would you let your kids wear these pants? I would only if I had a pair to wear too!

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