Friday, December 4, 2009

You know you're a Mom when....

I am embarking on a new project to collect stories and quotes that start with...

You know you are a mom when... ( subcategories of "you know you are a breastfeeding mom when" "you know you are a new mom when" "you know you are a toddler mom when" and "you know you are a teenagers mom when"

Please email me if you have a good story. Little do you know I have stolen ideas from you already.

Here goes...

You Know You are a Mom When:
You run a nice hot tub sink down under the bubbles, relax and there is a knock at the door followed by, "I have to poop" (Thanks Miss H)

You are in the middle of a evening out, in the middle row of a live show and you let your seven year old son puke in your purse (Thanks Miss S)

Your two year old is peeing on the magazines at the checkout of the grocery store. (Thanks Miss B)

You eat your lunch standing up or your lunch is leftovers from the high chair.

You are in line to pay at the grocery store and when you pull out your wallet a tampon drops out onto the floor and you are not the least bit embarrassed because that is the least of your problems at the grocery store.

There's just a few to get you started.

I would love to hear from you....

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