Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Preparations

Driving to our first of three Christmas concerts this week, I found myself staring out the foggy window of the van at Christmas lights and decorations. Instead of enjoying the displays I felt guilty about the extreme lack of Christmas preparations I have done this year. It seems in the past I have been pregnant leading up to Christmas and was forced to get not only my work done early but also Christmas shopping, baking, decorating and the annual Rokochy family Christmas letter and picture. Here is the status of the Rokochy Holiday Preparations so far.

Two giant tubs of ramshambled decorations, tangled half lit lights, old Christmas cards and various Christmas rif raf has been dragged into the house from the garage. When Pat got home that evening he thought the house had been robbed.

Three overly ambitious, four foot tall, unskilled tree decorators took after the fake Christmas tree so now it looks like drunken elves stood ten feet back and threw decorations at the tree. Said Christmas tree looked awesome in the dark until the weather turned to forty below and my husband stole the extension cord to plug in the van.

The extent of our family Christmas shopping took place between the second and third period of the Bronco game where we crossed off every male name on our list. The presents remain unwrapped beside the tree and the kids haven't even thought to look in the bag.

The kids put out the Count down callendar that you are supposed to fill with little treats and they took it upon themselves to fill each day with a single "mini wheat"

I am frantically attempting to get everyone their pictures back in time for Christmas and have not yet taken a picture of my own family!

One thing we have managed to chose a date for our fifth annual Christmas Caroling Fiasco. This is a tradition we were inspired to start with our friends in Swift Current after years of cookies and soup with Pat's family friends. We have approximately 75 friends of all ages over to the house for homemade soup, and cookies and then Christmas Caroling. The kids get a visit from Santa and the adults take part in a traditional White Elephant gift exchange.

So if you feel yourself getting a little stressed out and time is running short let me take one thing off the list for you busy moms and dads. Here is a "Fill in the Blank" Christmas letter that you can send to your family and friends.

Dear _____________________________

I can't believe another year has passed! How is everything at your house? I hope the holidays are finding everyone there happy and healthy!

The past 12 months have been some of the ___________ (best/ worst) months of our lives! The highlight of this year was our trip to ________________ ( the hospital/Las Vegas/Oprah's favorite things show/the rink for another hockey game). ________________ is really ___________________ (loving/hating) work right now but we are excited about the possibility of our own reality show on CBC. The title of the show would be _______________. So unless the tv deal goes through or we win the lottery I guess in 2010 you will still find our family hanging out at the ___________________ ( rink/ ski hill/ soccer field/ therapist).

The kids are _____________________________ years old and keep busy with friends and activities. Their marks in school are much like their parents marks back in the day all ___________ (A, A+ or A++).

Our New Years Resolutions include _______________________ ( getting back to the weight we were when we met/ sleeping through the night/ going one year without being pregnant).

We would love to come and stay at your place for ________________ ( a week/ a month during summer vacation/ 2010). Please let us know if you have space in your drive way for ( mobile home/ 6 dogs and a pet pig/ five kids and a dog/ the travelling circus)

Happy Holidays from Our Home to Yours

Love the _________________Family 2009

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