Friday, December 11, 2009

The Gender Gap

My husband and I love each other dearly and I think the thing that makes our relationship the strongest is our differences. The things that sometimes drive me nuts about him are the things that make him unique and special and I hope the same is true of me and my quirks. For example, my husband has commented numerous times that he could teach a University level course on "how to pack a dishwasher". No matter how many times I have tried he still redoes whatever I put in there because his way is more efficient. Speaking of dishes I will do an entire sink full of dishes and will always leave the last sticky pot to soak only to find it the next day in cold greasy water which drives him crazy. He doesn't like to have his food touch on the plate, I put the jug of milk back in the fridge with one drop left in it. And the list goes on.

Lately the thing perplexing Pat the most about womankind is our need for wearing a scarf as an accessory. I am not the most fashionable person in the world and I must admit that I own one ratty grey scarf that I actually wear to keep me warm, to redirect attention away from my butt and as a giant hanky which I have used to wipe kid's noses and dry off bouquets for brides at weddings. I am wearing it right now as I sit at my computer in my ratty house coat, pj top, no pants and a pair of mismatched sports socks. It really is an accessory for any outfit! (If you think I am joking you know I could take a picture) I think Pat might burn this scarf one day along with the black sweater that I love because it is warm and covers my butt. I wore it to Greek Nite, the PPOC awards banquet, work every day for the last month, and in my latest head shot. Unfortunately, I took it off yesterday while attempting to Christmas shop with a moody thirteen year old trying on toques at the "cool store", Ellie was wandering through the store destroying displays and Carson was whipping Kelsey with a pair of pants he pulled of a near by table. I was paying for the one Christmas present at the till when Kelsey got my attention my tugging on my coat and quietly whispered, "Carson cracked a mirror in the change room". Please tell me who puts kid's toys including two golf clubs in between a row of mirrored doors? Luckily the clerks assured me that the mirror was cracked before we arrived! Needless to say that was the end of the Christmas shopping and I left the store but forgot my black sweater on one of the racks! I hope to retrieve it today!

Here is the final thing for today that I don't quite understand about my husband. I cried at our wedding, I cried when we gave birth to our children, I cry watching "The Biggest Loser" and all the while Pat doesn't shed a tear! But put on a clip of some guy winning a cup and hugging his Dad and pass the kleenex. Ray Bourque just about sent Pat into hysterics winning the cup because it had been so long and he deserved it or something like that I couldn't really make sense between the sobs ! The time we watched the Habs play in "Le Centre Bell" and he phoned his Dad from the stands and held up the phone so he could hear and told him he wished he was there with him.....Tears. Brett Hull being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, Tiger Woods hugging his dad in the stands on Father's day the list goes on. I guess I should have walked down the aisle or given birth in a Habs Jersey and then maybe at least something. Here is the last video Pat had to watch before going to play old timer, rec, no-hit, beer league hockey to get "reved up" as he put it............ I am not sure I am ever going to get him!

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