Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Merry Pukesmas"

It is an inevitable part of Christmas. The pre holiday, overload, Mommy Meltdown. Welcome back old friend.
I promised my kids that we would be leaving town to their Grandparent’s house by 8:00 am. Instead of driving the four hours watching Christmas movies and singing carols in the van we are currently at home in the midst of a “Merry Puke-fest”. Three of the five kids have been sick and the fourth is hovering over the toilet bowl as we speak. My husband is such a planner and an amazing chef that he planned tonight’s supper around what would be easy for everyone to puke up later tonight. No cheese, tomatoes or anything sharp and poky like tacos that would scratch upon re-entry. Only my hubby would have a “barf friendly” menu!
Here is to hoping that what our “Griswold Family” will spread more “Joy” than “germs” this holiday season!

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