Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some days these kids can ruffle my feathers and drive me nuts!

With kids home for the February break your best bet to keep them out of trouble is to keep them busy!  The kids really enjoyed the Upwards Basketball camp with their cousin and trading Olivia for her cousin was fun for everyone.  When we traded kids back and there was no more camp that's when the trouble started.

Carson somehow got gum stuck in his hair and then thought he could get it out with Shampoo in the shower. 

 I had a newborn coming any minute for pictures so I had to let the gum set for an hour or so.  This gave me ample time to survey my awesome Facebook crew and they suggested using peanut butter. 
 To be honest I was skeptical and thought for sure a buzz cut was in order. 
"Why should my hair be the only one to enjoy this peanut butter.  Think I will just eat some off my thumb!"
 Thank You Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter from saving my sweet red head.  Just let sit for five minutes in the hair and then comb out.  It was so easy!
 And not to be outdone by the mischievous 6 year old is teenager who continues to ruffle my feathers on a daily basis but not usually so literally.  While cleaning his room one day I took down his make shift curtain that was a brand new duvet cover that had been nailed to the wall and put his duvet inside.  To keep it from sliding around I put safety pins at the four corners. 
 Dissatisfied with my home improvement he decided to pull the duvet back out of the beautiful cover that was adorned with embroidered butterflies not taking the time to undo the safety pins. 
 I may have had a mild tizzy fit and thrown the duvet and it's cover into the garage.  That is where he retrieved it from not wanting to be bothered to find a replacement, opting instead to create this mess. 
 How is there any hope for the Circus house when we are outnumbered 2 adults to 5 kids and then they step up their game making a mess even while they sleep.  I hope you all survived the February break with your house and mind in tact. 

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