Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bronco Birthday Boy!

We spend a lot of time shopping at our local CO-OP and one of our favorite stops is the Deli counter where the kids can flip through the cake book!  Well after a year of looking and deciding on a favorite cake, changing his mind more than a few times the day was finally here!  When I asked Car if he wanted me to make a homemade cake or if he would like one from the CO-OP it was not a long pause before he clearly let me know we needed to jump in the van. 
 Here is the dinosaur lava cake!
It's all about the cake. Carson at 5

Carson at 4 when everyone had the flu the week of his birthday and we had to cancel the party and the cake and instead went to the Parts Dept of our local Ford Dealership with donuts!
 Carson at 3 with some serious "Soother Teeth!"

With the party in full swing the big kids with their juice boxes and hot dogs are demoted to the living room to eat.  I can't believe they are actually sharing one tray. 
 Chips, friends, hotdogs, cake what more could a 6 year old want?
 I am not allowed to touch sparklers........Long story ask me about it sometime. 
 Do I have anything on my face?
Look how excited he is about this giant jawbreaker and candy.
 Big brother can read the cards for you. 
 This is how Goodie bags at birthday parties got started.  She wanted to open presents too!
 All is forgotten by the time we get to the rink to watch the Broncos. 
Our favorite Bronco Goalie/Santa.
 Big fan with colorful hair. 
 Hey there is Miss K!!  The birthday boy is sitting in seat 13 on Friday the 13th.
 The kids LOVE Charlie horse. 
 Hi Charlie.
One of the kids' favorite parts of the game.....Treats. 
 Bubble gum Ice cream.  I finally got her hair brushed but we had to put in the colored hair spray she asks to put in every morning. 
And the very next morning Carson  I realized that my little boy was all grown up as for the very first time he put on all his own hockey equipment without any help from Mom.  One of those bittersweet moments when you are so glad you don't have to do everything for them but kind of sad they don't need you as much. 
Still sporting the green and blue hair from the night before. 
 So the good news was that even with Pat out of town and having to take Olivia to dance and Levi to work that I was able to get Carson to hockey early.  The bad news was that we were actually there 3 hours early or some would say at the wrong time :(. 
Happy Birthday to our sweet little red head!

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