Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WWDMagic Trade Show

Dream Big!  

It was not quite two years ago that I attended the Dragons' Den auditions in Saskatoon with just two socks in my hand and a story of how I was so sick of spending my life sorting socks! And here we are today at an international buying show in Las Vegas with Snappy Socks.  A dream come true thanks to the financial and business support of W. Brett Wilson and all the work and sacrifice of my family and friends and my number one cheerleader and sales rep Karen.  

My best gals, Karen and my Mom Vanna, checking in at the WDMagic registration, getting our exhibitors badges. 

We had a long walk back to our booth and as we passed the elaborate, ornate booths of Betsey Johnson, Miss Me, and French Dressing my heart started to pound as I realized what a huge show this is. 
Setting up our booth with our new samples. 
Working the red carpet on the way over to sourcing and platform. 
My mom smiling and supporting me like she has done my whole life in all my crazy adventures!
The booth next door to us Dye Tie.  A great group and they were able to get almost every person that walked by to stop as they gave away a free hair tie that doesn't kink or bend your hair and are hand dyed.  It is amazing how if you can just get people to stop for one minute how many sales you can turn that into. 
The fantastic gals from Funky Junque. 
Yes I was feeling Young and Contemporary!
One of the cool displays. 
The Teen Vogue Blogger Station. 
This was the most fun and colorful booth so we stopped to chat and of course small world the fellow who owns the company with his wife is from Alberta and Karen knows his family!  So So Happy! 
We got to meet a couple of other mompreneurs from the company Hidees 
Their product are cute little bloomers that go under girls skirts, dresses or tutus. 
Artist J Pierce who was painting during the show.  Such a talented guy!
Then another fellow Canadian from BC and his mom is from Manitoba.  They make purses out of seatbelts from old vehicles.  I think they should try out for Dragons' Den! U.S.E.D
At the end of the first day the good people at WDMagic brought over a bottle of wine for us!
We celebrated the many nice people we shared the show with, the amazing contacts and the American distributor we secured as well as one in Australia and contacts for many other countries including Turkey, Dubai, and Japan.  I even got to speak Turkish to 4 people!  Karen and I toasting to a successful show.  We are quite a pair. 
The end of the show and time to go back home and get back to work again.  We met an interesting fellow that gave us the "Good Sign"  we saw him later that day on the Vegas strip spreading cheer.  I think this trip was in deed a good sign!

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