Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pushing 200

While most people try to avoid pushing 200 I am so excited to get there.  I am not talking about 200 pounds.  I am talking about my 200th post!  I am two posts away from 200 Circus House Posts.  And to Celebrate I am having a contest.  Just post a comment and you will be entered to win a $200 gift certificate for photography.  What's that you live far away from Swift Current?  Well if you win I will send you something fabulous like Snappy Socks (as hopefully seen on Dragon's Den).

Just post a little note.  I would love to know who you are, where you are from, how you found my blog, or a parenting story.  Just anything you have to say and I have preselected a number that will win.  Please only comment once as it won't help your chances to comment a bunch of times.

Speaking of comments here is one from a great gal with some awesome splurge group ideas.

Jodi writes:

 I have belonged to a splurge group for I think it must be seven years now. We have had a lot of fun and have tweeked the rules as each year passes to make it work for us. Anyway we have gone to the spa at the Medicine Hat Lodge as well as a spa in Moose Jaw (I organized both of those), we have had beer and pizza in our grad dresses, a scavenger hunt, gone for supper and a movie countless times, the Akropol for a greek feast, mei mei, the winery by Cypress, the Star Cafe in Maple Creek, golfing at Lac Pelltier, White Bear for supper, we have cooked for a friend who was on bed rest, done a cookie exchange at christmas, had a wiener roast, made gingerbread houses, fondued, had a mystery meal where you pick your selections blindly (it was entertaining but more remembered for the flu most people suffered from afterward), went to the Bon Jovi concert, went to the gym for volleyball, went to another workout routinue (I didn't pick those but did participate none the less) right now that is all I can think of I am sure there are more.

Thanks Jodi  I LOVE the pizza in the grad dresses.  My zipper would be wide open!

And Remember I always like visitors.  Especially when they bring me TREATS.  This is my favorite visitor.  He looks like a Dr or at least someone who would like to listen to all my problems.  


poppyatsmarts said...

Pat does look so professional there... must have been a busy day at the CU! hee hee hee!

poppyatsmarts said...

Yeah, Pat does look pretty professional there, must have been a busy day at ICU!! Hee hee hee!!

alannad_9 said...

Congratulations on your upcoming 200th post! I am proud to say I have read them all and will continue to :) Thanks for the entertainment and insight Corla you are an inspiring person!

Elaine said...

Ah, my first Official Comment! Found you randomly in Swift after I moved here and then found you online via facebook and your own email / comments on my site.

Congrats on the first 200 and hopefully the next 200 is just as sweet!

Miss K said...

#1 add clicker!

Miss K said...

#1 add clicker!

Brad and Erin said...

Here's a post to enter myself!

I found your website after seeing your Den story in the Booster. I knew you were a photographer so I had especial interest as I have been taking up the hobby the last year or so.

Out of curiousity, do you ever provide tips or give beginner tutorials? I'd love to learn more other than just through books and online.

Vic & The Wearmouths said...

I LOVE all your entries, pictures and sarcasm and wit! lol! Are you sure we aren't related?! I have been reading your blog since it was forwarded by my girlfriend in Swift, Joanne, since spring or summer of 2009. I grew up in Swift and love all that you and your family do there as I miss home so much! I wish my hubby was as great of a cook as Pat, but I guess we can't have it all! :) I know many people who have had pictures, beautiful pictures, done by you. I love your blog but I especially love your down to earth comments especially about being a mom. I only have two kids so you always make me feel a little less crazy after a blog! Keep up the great work but I was sad to see your mom-bun go...just joking. I got rid of mine just after! Thanks for your candor! Vicki