Monday, September 27, 2010

A perfect weekend!

Thanks for all the comments on my last post.  Many of you agree that you have to take time for yourself.  There is however a down side to doing so.  Here is what I came home to after MooseJaw.  One million loads of laundry.  I think I have mentioned before that I clean and do laundry and Pat cooks and does the lawncare. So it took a few days to get back on track but it was worth it!

This weekend was our ladies' splurge and it was so much fun.  We fondued and giggle and jumped on the trampoline which becomes more interesting when you have had kids!  One of the most searched topics my blog has is Splurge ideas so I am glad to see ladies are getting out and having fun.  If you have splure ideas or pictures send them to and if you haven't done so already ladies/moms/grandmas start your own splurge group!  

This weekend was again filled with fun activities.  Olivia came to work with me on Saturday and outside my studio the Newcomers Centre put on a Multicultural street fair with food and music.  We were really wild and crazy and had Ukranian!!
Some of the entertainment.
My little Canadian Girl at the Canada table.  She looks so good in red.  
Eating Maple cookies.  I love how she is holding her pinky.  She is dainty and well mannered like her mother.  
It was really beautiful.  
Then off to football on Sunday.  We enjoy the family and fresh air time.  It is usually pretty uneventful but I bumped Ellie's face while carrying the chairs and dragging a dog and kids across the street so we looked like a real rodeo showing up with a baby with a bloody mouth asking the crowd for kleenex.  
Levi is #42 one of the tallest kids out there, especially when he doesn't bend his knees!  
What better to come home to after Football in the park then Patty's special turkey dinner.  This thing should be in an art gallery it's so pretty!
All the fixins!

I was trying to get a shot of the table and along came Olivia.  I think she may take after her mother.  
I forgot to photograph the ice cream cheescake, chocolate chip pie Pat made because I guess I was to excited to eat it.  I am extremely lucky and proud to have a hubby that would go to all this effort for us and for my cousins and aunties who came to visit!  It was sure great seeing all of them and the kids kept us all thoroughly entertained.  I guess I can't complain to much about doing laundry when I get taken care of like this!

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