Thursday, September 16, 2010

That el Teach em.

Today marks the third week of school and it only took one day for the up early, good breakfast, lunches packed family skipping out the door early to end. Now we're are back to real life with kids forgetting lunches, missing buses (3 times already) which means mom has to change all her plans and come to the rescue. If you are in the same boat here is the solution.

Levi walked out the door with his super cool, expensive backpack that has no room for his lunch kit and his paper bag was sitting on the counter. I thought I am not driving one more time to the school so I took off to his bus stop......yes in this outfit. Even if I get up at 6 am we are still rushing around to get to the bus on time so I have stopped trying to do my hair and get dressed until the kids leave which means here comes crazy Corla to the Comp bus stop wearing a Bronco nightie, "Greatest Dad" boxers. Yes, I am a great Dad and Pat's a great Mom since he is the one who made the lunch. My hair now not long enough to go in a mom bun has been modified to have a sticky out one inch pony at the back and then a Pebbles Flintstone on the top.

Let me tell you I have never seen Levi run that fast as when he spotted me coming through the green space and sprinted to intercept the lunch delivery. Well that el teach em. Next time I will be delivering lunch to your desk! And on the way back home I ran into one of Pat's awesome colleagues the lovely Linda who was coming to pick him up for a meeting so she got to see the morning beauty that is me first hand. And this is a warning for Pat too if he forgets his keys again I will show up in the Credit Union Lobby in a similar outfit with two snotty kids an a dog in tow! Don't mess with the Mama.

And to a certain neighbor who is at the bus stop and has her hair done everyday, looks amazing, has already exercised and balanced her check book and has had time to put on earrings and walk three kids to meet the bus on time...... I can't be friends with you anymore.

Ok that was hideous. Now for something cute to balance that out. Here is Ellie in one of the new cuddle bubble hoodies from Limeapple that I have in the store. The start at size 2!! Ellie is wearing the 3T.

Puppy kisses.

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seelisawrite said...

You are hilarious! Tatum linked to your blog, and it's great. Thanks for the smile. My little girl just started kindergarten this fall and I know that the mornings that you have described are on the horizon!!! I have an almost three year old too and life just keeps getting crazier... Hope that this day was a good one!