Monday, October 18, 2010

Small Town Girl Hits the Big City!

Pat and Corla's Excellent Adventure to Vancouver/Victoria for our 10th Wedding Anniversary was everything I hoped it would be.  We were so grateful to have Grandpa and Grandma come for the the 9 DAYS we were gone.  We came home to well behaved kids and a clean house!  

We had a nice supper as a family before we left and Ellie got up from the table and took off all her clothes to get ready for the tub.  Then she squatted down while everyone else was still eating and pooped on the floor beside the kitchen table.  At least Grandma and Grandpa knew what they were getting into before we left!

I got my hair done and packed my clothes for the big city.  I wasn't sure what would be in fashion there so I put everything that was even close to fitting me in one big suitcase.  Well it turns out anything goes in Vancouver.  Here are some of the sights I saw.  

This falls into the category of, "I forgot my skirt at home.  I saw this quite a bit.  My Dad would have called this either a short skirt or a long belt.  The guys to the left look awfully happy.  

 And if you are hot why not just take off your shirt.
 Accessories are a must for any outfit.  The hood, umbrella, black bag.....hmmm wait a minute we are still missing something.  I know a lizard!  Perfection.
 Even the athletes put on their Sunday best to compete.

 There is no category for this one and I am not sure the picture does "String Man" justice.
 Oooppps another forgot my skirt.
 Fishnets and runners.  When you are reading by the water you never know when a fishnet may come in handy!
 My mom is scared to death of birds and couldn't even look at this picture.
 Must be a rider fan.
 More fancy runners.
 Wait for the weiner!  Even if he is the loser he's still the Weiner.
So obviously no one was going to stare at my too short pants, mom bun and afgan I wore as a coat.  Stay tuned for highlights of the Anniversary trip!

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