Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Ordinary Day!

Firsts.... What are the odds that the kids first day of school would coincide with the first day of our very first day of our first Snappy Socks trade show.  My fantabulous Mother and my superhero sales rep told me not to worry that they would get the booth set up and work the first day of the show so I wouldn't have to miss the kids first day of school.  It has been a ten year tradidition of taking a picture and taking the kids for the first day of school so what more important place could I be?

My awesome next door neighbor sent me a video today and I thought nothing more accurately sums up why I blog and why I chose to stay home instead of going to my trade show.  Thanks to the great ladies in my life!!!  We really can't do it alone and it is ok to say no to something once and a while!!  I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

The Gift Of An Ordinary Day from Katrina Kenison on Vimeo.

The teenager was not down with the let's get up and go to school early and take the traditional "First Day of School Photo".  Since the teenager wouldn't come to the photo....the photo came to the teenager.  Here we are preparing for our ambush. 
Happy First day of School!
Snappy Socks for the first day!
Follow the leader.
Muffin Monday!
I thought this poster at the school was great!
But I like this one even better!
Settled in with 20 pounds of school supplies. 
So nice to see the big brother giving the little brother a hand. 

Give a sister a hand. 

Time for the Kindergarten bus. 
Levi is finally up and at it and look who it is.... Miss K who has been MIA for a few years.  Before long she will be Levi's teacher!
Hey Ladies BRACE yourselves Levi is back!
My baby :(
This day is all too much for someone. 

Now back to check on the new student.  I snuck up on him.

Is he happy for school or happy to see me?  Either way I love it!
Meanwhile back in the van......
After school snacks thanks to Schimmels bakery!

A great ordinary day that I will never forget, never regret!

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