Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Why is There a Banana in My Purse"

Many times I have been told, " You should write a book." Well I have just came up with the title of my first book. "Why is There a Banana in My Purse?" And other equally relevant questions....Memoires of a Mother on the Edge.

I was at the library last night being a good mom and getting books for my kids and when I pulled my wallet out of my usually neat and tidy purse (who am I kidding) there was a mystery brown goo securely attached to my wallet. Upon further investigation I found the culprit a decomposing, mushy brown half banana squished in with my casino coupon which I plan on cashing in for $10 to go get a hit of coffee, my urban ground coffee card, diaper coupons and the gift certificate for the spa Janice gave me for my birthday in June that I haven't found time to go and use.

I think I figured out what happened. Every Wednesday I take Kelsey, Carson and Ellie to a mom/ kid coffee party where they have snacks. Carson is a smart kid and maybe he figured if his mom got home later in the day and got on facebook it could be a while until his next meal so like he learned from Alvin and the Chipmunks it is always a good idea to store some food away in case you need it.

If you have another name for my first book please feel free to coment on this post. The best title will win a $10 Urban Ground Coffee Card from me!

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Jessica said...

I had to take a second look at the photo - it's sooo similar to what mine looks like!