Friday, March 20, 2009

My Interior Designer

In the last few years my mom has made some great changes to her home in decor, paint and design with the help of my fabulous sister and brother from another mother. Her two adopted kids from the True Value/ Home Hardware in Davidson. Well she thinks she is all fancy schmancy but I have to brag that I too have my own home stylist. Let me share some of his work with you........
I am his exclusive client. He works for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He takes long breaks and can be very demanding. (all the good artists are) I think his red hair has brought out his creativity and he does like to work in the nude.

The Artist Formerly know as Carson..... Look how modest he looks.

I am pretty sure all the kids are going to take after my artistic side rather than Pat's organized, sensible side. Olivia loves music, to draw, paint and create. I think Ellie will be into fashion as she peed on my pants this morning making a statement that she thought my jean's were not long enough (right Alison). I think Levi will be a con artist and Kelsey will be a pick up artist. Those are my predictions for today!

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