Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hotel Hijinx

The Rokochy/Lepines met up in Saskatoon last weekend for High School Musical on Ice and watersliding. It was so good to see everyone and Neil and Megan joined in on the fun. What could be better than 12 kids watersliding, pizza and a show? How about barfing in the hotel room. It seems wherever the Rokochy family holiday takes us that we inevitably end up with at least one kid pukin and this weekend was no exception. We don't ever expect to get a damage deposit back. I think we should have learned by now to make a reservation.... Non smoking room with a crib and could you leave us a barf bucket, mop, lysol and some extra sheets. Thanks.

Here is the gang just after the flu swept through the whole house. They were all weak and run down so I thought they might have less fight in them for a family picture. This is the first shot!

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