Thursday, March 26, 2009

Laugh...Cry....or Laugh Until You Cry!

Any new mom will tell you that some days hormones can just get the best of you. If you don't have a good laugh or a good cry every once and a while it can all build up and you just never know where and when you might just snap. Here are a few things over the last few days that have made me laugh and cry! I will let you figure out which is which.

**Leaving the kids at home with Pat and phoning home to check in and finding out Carson filled the popcorn maker with chess pieces and water. Thank goodness he didn't plug it in! I am just glad Pat was the one home!**

**Watching Olivia sing in Music Festival four songs with the choir and she had a solo! She asked me when she got home, "Mom were you crying when I was singing?" Ooohh she caught me! **

**Carson was sitting on my knee durring the performance and I was a bit distracted. He handed me a booger and I didn't have a kleenex so I rubbed it on my sock! I hope no one was watching. My husband will be mortified because he told me about a vivid memory he had from grade one and a girl in his class who used to pick her nose and then rub it on her socks........Good old Suzy Snot Socks....Eww**

**Levi called me from the school office this morning and tried to whisper into the phone so no one could hear, "Mom, can you come to the school."

"Why did you forget your lunch, yor backpack, your badminton raquet? Again"

"No mom I was sitting in class and could smell something. I leaned down and smelled my jeans and the dog peed on my jeans! I just about barfed! I got them out of the bathroom they were on the floor and there was a dog turd beside them!"

"Mom quit laughing! Seriously why are you snorting like that just bring me some new pants. Geez!"

When I told Kelsey to get in the van we had to take Levi new pants to the school. He asked," Levi peed his pants?"

"No Kelsey get in the van. It is dog pee"

"A dog peed on Levi's pants at school?"

"No Kelsey Daphne peed on Levi's jeans."

"Daphne went to Levi's school and peed on Levi's pants?"

"No Kelsey get in the van. I will expain on the way there!"


**Ellie eating her first pablum yesterday!**

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