Thursday, June 12, 2008

The King and I

*** Disclaimer- By reading this blog you agree to not turn me in to any authority for the mass destruction and chaos that takes place on a daily basis in my house! No children were harmed during the writing of this blog!***

Well here is our first family life post. Most of the things that go on around here are unendingly amusing to anyone who doesn't live her so it is my pleasure to share the daily goings on of our slightly loony home. First I want to show you what a typical morning looks like at our house. As you can see everyone but Levi at some point during the night will inevitably make their way over to our bed and Olivia grinds her teeth and has an aversion to both covers and sleeping in a vertical manner. Kelsey has issues with not only peeing our bed but on a rare, lucky occasion he has been known to pee me! Carson is a cuddler which I guess is a good thing but no matter how you slice it by 2 am it is a full house (three jacks and two queens!) Oh yeah and there is also the dog who insists on sleeping between your legs at least she sleeps on top of the covers. No matter how many times Pat pulls the kids to the middle or his side they all end up squashed up against me. I took this picture on Friday morning when I got up early to go to Cypress to do a wedding. I kid you not I got up and took the picture. No one moved I sleep on the side of Olivia. Look at that bed. I am not a small person at the best of times and currently I have packed on a fair amount of girth in the stomach area. I don't know how that doesn't defy the laws of physics! Keep in mind this is a King sized bed!!
Hey Kelsey pretend to be asleep you are runing the moment! This was two seconds later. Just look at how much Olivia and Carson moved! We really have to lock our door at night!

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