Friday, June 13, 2008

All Aboard - The Potty Train

The sun is shinning and it is finally a beautiful day but somehow we are off to a crappy start already. I put a show on for the kids and came to download yesterday's sessions. When I went to the washroom I found suspicious looking brown chunks in the sink with my dish cloth. Upon sniffing the mystery substance I confirmed it was indeed poo (this year's New Year's resolution don't sniff anything in the house!). Kelsey informed me nonchaulantly that Car had pooped on the couch so he naturally grabbed the dish cloth and scopped up the poop off the couch and promptly flushed. Ahh it is going to be a great day! (Yes I did throw out the dish cloth!)

On a nicer note here is an image from Olivia's musical debut in "Alice"

Ok upon further investigation I have now found poo in the upstairs bathroom on the mat in front of the tub which leads me to believe it is this time the dog but my CSI skills are lacking so it is hard to know baby or dog. That seems to be Daphne's favourite place to poop in the house because the mat is quite grasslike in it's texture although I must say she doesn't limit herself to only pooping there.

The interogation of the 2 year old goes something like this...

"Carson, come here."

"Who's poop is this?"

"Ewwwww... I danow"

"Is this your poop or Daphne's poop?"

"I danow.... Dapers poop"

"Where did you poop? Where is your diaper?"

"I poop couch"

"Where are you supposed to poop?"

"I poop potty. Potty treat!"

"No honey no potty treats are only for pooping on the potty!"

Now off to clean the house as my cousin Jaimie and his wife Sharla are coming to stay for a ball tournament this weekend. She owns a professional housekeeping business "The tidy timesaver". Man have I got my work cut out for me before they come. Now I just need a visit from a shrink or supernanny maybe!!

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