Saturday, June 14, 2008

Before With No After

Today is our seventh day of rain and both my mom Vanna and hubby Pat are golfing. Vanna is golfing in Davidson in a "Red Hat" Golf Tournament. For those of you that don't know the Red Hat Society is for women over 50 who are proclaming their impending senility by wearing mismatching purple and red outlandish outfits. (at least that is how I understand it) Mom asked me to go down to the local co-op and pick up a doll she had seen for a prize for the tournament. When I asked the clerk about the doll she told me there were none left but upon further investigation we found the display model and I bought that. My mom was displeased because she was missing the signature "red hat" I ask you in all honesty is that the biggest thing wrong with this picture? Ok I am just giving them a hard time all the power to them to get out there and have fun!
Now for my before and afters. Well yesterday I started the long and never ending process of cleaning my house. Below is a shot of the guest bedroom. I also took a shot of myself at 11:00 before I had a shower. The frightening thing is that this is almost noon so this is how I would be answering the door if a delivery man, neighbor, or god forbid an unexpected client dropped by. The truly disturbing fact is that there are no after pictures because it doesn't really ever get much better!

Last summer I made the bold move of selling all of my baby clothes and maternity clothes so since I am now 20 weeks pregnant my wardrobe consists soley of lulu lemon ( more like lulu watermellon) bronco sweats and beer shirts! I can't dye my hair because of the baby ( come on it is not like I want a hit on the crack pipe just give me some Miss Clairol) and my face is broke out worse than a teenagers (that is why I think I am having a girl).

Here is the Rokochy guest room. Doesn't this scream tranquil and inviting? I think I might have to offer them Olivia's room. Since Colton left this room has turned back into a laundry room/dumping grounds. And can you believe I ever had the nerve to tell him to clean up his room???

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