Tuesday, September 2, 2008

End of Summer and First Days of School!

Well here we are in September already. We only have two months left to wait for our new little bundle of joy. Last week we started school and as usual I was able to make Levi cry the first day of school because I need to take a picture of all the kids in front of the school!

The difference between a boy and a girl

Olivia getting ready for school -Picks out her outfit the night before and lays it out on her bed with matching socks and shoes.
Levi getting ready for school- Wakes up in the morning picks the shirt from the top of the pile and throws on some sweats. I have to wonder how special the outfit really is when he wore the exact same thing under his football equipment later that day. Eww stinky. He said mom that's not cool to wear a special outfit on the first day of school what did you want me to wear a sweater vest????

Kelsey's First Day of Kindergarden and Five year old photoshoot!

The boys down on the corner waiting for the school bus!
I think I hear it coming mom!
A lady bug gives a momentary distraction.
Olivia was waiting at school to welcome her little brother.
No amount of photoshop could make me look better! I thought I was looking ok today but I guess I am delusional. Maybe Olivia just isn't the photographer I was hoping for.
Kelsey and his teacher.

Here we are this weekend in our fabulous cabin in Fishing Lake. Kelsey and Ally were eating breakfast together. What is sweeter the french toast or these two???

Chef McBurney

What is a Griswold Family vacation without some kind of disaster? A horse ran out of the ditch and hit the hutterite wagon and took out the mirror! Yeesh.
What a perfect night.

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