Tuesday, September 3, 2013

FIrst Day of School

Yippee!  It's time for school.  For the first time ever all four of them where up and ready for school because they were so excited.  Kindergarden and High School have staggered entrance so the two bookends aren't in school yet but Ellie wanted to pose with her new back pack!!

 Central School is turning 100 years old this year.  Kelsey is so excited to be the oldest grade in the school for this milestone.  Ellie will be in the youngest class so we cover the whole school!

 Big red. 

 Either Carson is the only pessimist or the best planner.  The only coat in the coat room. 
 This lucky lady will be teaching our third child Grade 5.  We will see if Kelsey can keep up the Rokochy reputation for straight A's and being the teacher's pet ;)
 Ellie found her teachers and snacks!  She actually let me brush her hair this morning.  Maybe she is turning over a new leaf. 
 Olivia was relieved to only have to take one sibling to her school. 

It's only two o clock and my helper has already fallen asleep with a whole bag of lucky charm cereal.  I can't imagine how tired she will be when she actually attends class. 

 Ohhh there is a teenager at the door.  It's Dom.  Levi is just waking up and Ellie has already fallen asleep. 
 Michael Smith's chocolate cookies.  Our first day of school tradition.  Every day is an adventure!  I hope everyone else enjoyed the first day of school. 

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