Thursday, January 12, 2012

Toddlers and Toilets

We often have folks stop by the house and any chance the kids get they will ask them 100 questions.  We have put a rule in place that the kids owe them $1 for every question they ask.  This week we had an awesome plumber stop by and not only did he fix the toilet he went above and beyond the call of duty and let Ellie interrogate him. 

We had a pool going on as to what was the mystery object plugging up the toilet.  The guesses ranged from a Hot Wheels Car to a Barbie body part, fork, spoon, DS game.  It was kind of like a game of clue.  It ended up being Ellie in the bathroom with the........  You have to watch to the end of the video to see what actually was in the toilet.

As you will notice unlike Toddlers and Tiaras my daughter is very natural.  No hair brushed, pink Bronco shirt, black velvet pants on backwards and I am pretty sure she has to pee through most of the video.

So I am pleased to present to you Toddlers and Toilets.....

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