Friday, June 11, 2010

I lost my mind at Tim Hortons- Or just my purse

The next time I visit our local Tim Hortons I will just pay and then simply hand my purse across the counter and say, "I'll be back for this later!" In the past week I have left my purse hanging on the back of my chair at Tim Hortons three times! This leads my to realise two things. One that I am unbelievably lucky to live in a community where someone handed my purse in and nothing was touched and two that I am lucky that when I was pregnant that my kids were attached to me with an umbilical cord or I am pretty sure I may have accidentally misplaced them.
Can you imagine if humans were like Kangaroos.
When ready to give birth, the female leaves her mob, (OK I can relate to that. When I had Ellie, Pat and I snuck out in the middle of the night. We left the 13 year old sleeping and in charge. They woke up in the morning to Timbits and a new baby!) finds somewhere quiet and licks her pouch and birth canal clean. (No thanks after giving birth I couldn't even see my birth canal. In fact I know many women have to ask their hubby to help clean up the neighborhood before giving birth or go for a bikini wax! Thank goodness for nurses!) The tiny joey, pink and naked, measuring only 2.5cm in length and weighing 1g, is born headfirst and grasps its mother's fur with the claws on its forefeet.(No need for Ultrasounds you could just peek in whenever the mood strikes parents debating whether or not to find out the sex of the baby you would have to have a lot of trust that the mom wasn't going to peek. Reminds me of when I was pregnant with my fourth baby and we were always against ruining the suprise and findind out the baby's sex ahead of time. We were against finding out until I was at a Doctor's appointment without my husband and the Doctor informed me that he knew the sex of the baby I was carrying. When he asked me if I wanted to know, I was weak! He put the information in an envelope and sent it home with me. I made it to the driveway where I tore open the envelope. I read the words " Male Genitalia present" and felt like a little kid who had just opened all their Christmas presents and didn't tell my husband that I had known the sex of the baby for another three years! Take it from someone who has experience a suprise four times and gone in knowing and not telling anyone once I can tell you the suprise is much better! )The mother offers no help at all. In about 3 minutes, it has dragged itself up to the pouch, entered it and clamped tightly to one of the four teats, which swells in the mouth.(That is my kind of labour. This situation seems ideal, however I imagine myself coming home from coffee with the girls and my husband saying, "Where's the fetus?" To which I would frantically reply, "Oh my gosh I must have left the fetus on the counter at Tim Hortons when I was digging through my pouch for my car keys. I hope he is staying warm by the coffee maker.")

Anyone else out there suffering with Mommy brain and just randomly losing things or is it just me?

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