Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Griswolds Great Canadian Adventure.

It has been a month since we got back from our trip of a lifetime to the Dragon's Den in Toronto. We all had to sign a legal agreement to not tell what happened in the den until the show airs. All I can say is that Toronto, the show, the staff, and the Dragons all far exceeded my expectations. I will share some pictures from the Den next time. But for now here is the highlights of our fabulous family adventure.

Morning before the big airplane ride. This was 5 am.

First family plane ride the kids were pumped!

Wouldn't you love to see us waiting for a plane. I'm sure people were thinking I hope they are right behind me!

Here's a great idea give kids balloons.

Hair twirling means Ellie is tired!

Two hours of squirming, crying and general unhappiness. The captain announced, "we are just making our descent into Toronto. " That's when Ellie decided to fall asleep.

Fancy hotel. The kids just wanted to swim!

When the kids eat too much sugar and freak out we call it a shark attack! This boat made us chuckle.
Future Model

Didn't want to do this.
Last time I saw this headband. Some bird probably ate it.

Man power
He gets a strange eye twitch when he sees the camera.

Carson said, "Hi Birdies. I'm Carson and I'm from Saskatchewan!"

Tim bits for everyone.
Run they are after you.

The birds didn't get them all!
The kids found this treasure in the fountain. Maybe its a lucky charm.
Public transporation

Double decker bus

In the ST Lawerence Market. One of three times we lost Carson on the trip.

This is for Lyris. Bacon. One of Pat's food groups.
For cousin Biff

The morning of taping. Up at 3 am Saskatchewan time.

THe aftermath.

Room Service!

The Great One. Yes I mean Pat

Most expensive nap in history.

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